Demonstrations at #Seanergy2024

Solar-Stormm by Hytech-imaging

📍 on stand G50

Hytech-imaging is developing the Solar-Stormm service in collaboration with XSun. Miniaturized and mounted on a solar-powered drone, Solar Stormm will provide a low-carbon, silent image acquisition service. Developments are supported by the Office Français de la Biodiversité (OFB). A first flight has already enabled the system to be tested under operational conditions.

ROVs by Escadrone

📍 on stand D46

Escadrone works with specialist partners including Canadian manufacturer DEEP TREKKER, considered one of the world leaders in the design of wire-guided underwater vehicles designed to facilitate complex underwater investigations.
Underwater drones can quickly and safelý perform real-time pre-dive checks to provide essential information relating to hazardous working environments.
ROV's can also be equipped with additional instruments to perform simple mechanical work, cleaning or water analysis to optimize and organize the maintenance work to be carried out.
They can also be rapidly deployed alongside a diver to monitor his or her condition and serve as a means of communication with the team on the surface, or provide sonar images in turbid conditions.In short, ROVs offer alternative methods for carrying out safe, fast and cost-effective inspections.

Augmented reality
by ATS, TeamViewer, Phoenix Contact & SAP

📍stand F32
⏰June 26 at 12pm

ATS is pleased to invite you to an exclusive augmented reality (AR) demonstration with our partner TeamViewer at Seanergy 2024. In collaboration with SAP and Phoenix Contact, we are thrilled to host you at our booth for an immersive computing experience.
During this demonstration, you'll discover how energy and utility companies leverage TeamViewer's remote connectivity and AR solutions integrated with SAP to digitize critical operations, from supply chains to after-sales services. Explore how TeamViewer bridges the gap between issues and expertise with their AR Frontline and Tensor support for remote assistance.
Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the energy sector.


Oceanographic vessel " L’équinoxe "
by Energie de la lune

📍 outside the exhibition hall

The oceanographic vessel " L’équinoxe " is adapted to survey and sampling missions with lifting at sea. Its key asset is its 1-tonne lifting capacity rear gantry (A-Frame). It can be easily transported by road, making it available throughout Europe at a lower cost. Its lightness, shallow draft and small size make it a very maneuverable vessel that can go into shallow areas. It optimized interior layout is very comfortable for a crew of 5 people.

akrocean buoy

Buoy by Akrocean

📍 outside the exhibition hall

AKROCEAN provides offshore data as a service thanks to a fleet of autonomous buoys hosting a large range of observing sensors to support offshore wind and environmental assessment. A fleet of Floating LiDAR System (FLS) is operating around the world, including in the most extreme sea conditions, since several years.

Come and discover part of our fleet and services offered by AKROCEAN during technical visit No. 3 on 28 June in our logistics hub | @Atlantique Services Industry!